Badut Dan Merpati 01

Badut Dan Merpati 01

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This painting depicts the daily life of clowns who are friends with doves. Many white doves that surround his life. It could be that the clown is a dove fan or a dove seller. The clown is still waiting for the right and proper pigeon to accompany his day. Confusion appears on the face of a clown. Pigeons are so close to being seen in plain sight. However, he still could not make a choice.

The painting also depicts the life of a free dove before it is bound to the male dove. Love of pigeons makes the clowns let them stay alive in the wild. The clown is more able to enjoy pigeons that fly freely than locked him in a golden cage.



Krewol was a painter who began his painting career in 1998. At that time he was still in the second grade of high school. He called Krewol because of his curly hair.
The call was attached until now. Instead, the name Krewol is more famous than his name.
He attended a painting exhibition at Plaza Marina Margomulyo Surabaya.The exhibition was quite successful. He also began to be known as a painter.
Starting in 2018 Krewol focuses on painting clowns and pigeons. He likes to paint clowns because they can entertain people. While the dove because every day he likes pigeons and selling pigeons. 

Award Winning

  • 2019/04/06 C'antique Gift, Angpao: 500,000 IDR
  • 2019/07/06 C'antique Gift, Angpao: 5,000,000 IDR
  • 2019/07/20 C'antique Gift, Angpao: 200,000 IDR

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