Paper boats are symbolized as an ideal or purpose of a journey. Clowns look cheerful with orange faces. Love symbol. While the white color is a symbol of innocence and perfection of life. Clown's life is indeed unique. He is designing a dream so he can achieve his life goals. He lives happily and prosperously. So it's natural for the clown to plan the life he wants to go through. Clowns don't want to be clowns forever. So that his life became more focused he wrote down on a paper boat. There is a big goal that he wants to achieve. Life well-being and ultimate happiness. He wants to live at the end of his life happily. He returned to being a human who is useful for the surrounding environment.


Cuantique Artist

Award Winning

    Product Size

    26CM X 21CM

    Certificate Number


    Badut dan Perahu Kertas I $60.00

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