Tepi Pantai

Tepi Pantai

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Seaside means beach view. Beachside is a Diana Savitri collection necklace. The shape of the necklace pendant is like a seashore atmosphere, so this pendant is called the seashore. The necklace can also be worn on the hand as a bracelet. White-stone pendants. This color agate symbolizes tranquility, harmony with nature, and provides a positive vibe. Especially for health. Stone pendant size 4 CM X 1 CM.
The necklace can be worn at formal and casual events. Pair with appropriate clothes. So, you will look beautiful, charming, and confident. How to care is very easy. Wash with soapy water and wipe with a soft cloth. Store in a dry place away from the reach of sunlight.


Cuantique Artist

Awarded Winning

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    4x1 cm

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